Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Twisted Cyclone + Thread Pool

If for some reason you need a threadpool when running cyclone, and it works while launching the server on no daemon mode, but fails to run the threads when running twistd, remember to fuc***ing add

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Evilgrade 2.0 (by InfoByte) released.

Download: http://infobyte.com.ar/developments.html
Presentation: http://vimeo.com/15628663 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

-- Lookin forward

If anyone have a webcam with chipset TASCORP ( 17a1:0128 ),  mail me, i buy it.
Also, to anyone using gspca_t613, please let me know if the latest changes about gamma and color balance it's working ok.

I finally moved to carlos paz, some months ago!.

"A clever person turns great troubles into little ones and little ones into none at all"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Moving to Cordoba :)

On the end of this month, i will move to cordoba :) A new and interesting job is waiting for me.
I hope, it's what i am expecting.

Also, as a side note, remember this phrase "Show me your code"....., use it when you hear someone talking and talking....... and also remember, that if something worked for you... it may still not be theorically correct.... so argument if you really know what you are talking about, or give the benefit of doubt and check twice :)

"...Sometimes, is better to keep quiet and look like an idiot, that open your mouth, and confirm it.."

Sunday, December 27, 2009

sflgtc - Seagate FreeAgent Led & Idle timeout Controller for Linux

Today, i got a Seagate FreeAgent external usb hd 500 GB. Since i was really bored, i made this little application that should be able to handle the Led and Idle Timeout on Linux as the windows software does. I dont know if there is something like this for linux, really, i didn't search..... but... hey... another one wont hurt!
Note that it's really dumb :).
To add new seagates devices, just add vendor_id & product_id on the structure, or send me the data and i'll do it.

Let me know, if something it's not working, or new usb commands should be added for a new device.

Good Luck Seagater's :)

Project: http://sflgtc.googlecode.com/
Download: http://sflgtc.googlecode.com/files/sflgtc.c

Test Device: 0bc2:3008 Seagate RSS LLC

Required: libusb-1.0


Compile: gcc -o sflgtc sflgtc.c `pkg-config --cflags --libs libusb-1.0`
* Usage:
* ./sflgtc -l 0 -> Query Led State
* ./sflgtc -l 1 -> Switch Led On/Off
* ./sflgtc -t 0 -> Query current timeout set on device
* ./sflgtc -t -1 -> Disable timeout on device
* ./sflgtc -t seconds -> Set new timeout ( on win : 3 min, 5 min, 15 min, 1 hour, ... 5 hours its supported )
* ./sflgtc -l 0 -k -> ( Do not unload / load usb-storage module. You must remove it first, use this if you inteend to set led and timeout )

If you dont want the app to remove and reload usb-storage, use the "-k" option, but first:
# rmmod usb-storage
# use sflgtc with -k
# modprobe usb-storage

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ekoparty 2009 Halted...

Ekoparty is improving each year, and the quality of the talks were better than ever.
Congratz to the organizers and friends, and as always, the next Ekoparty will always be the "hardest" to organize, since its really difficult to get better than it's each year.

On the first day, i went to almost all the talks. Particularly i liked the turbo talk of Bitmask Abussing and Binary Diffing.

On the second day, i only assisted to the SSL talk, but i fall sleep :(. I spent most of the time participating on the TippingPoint DRINC contest, until 4 pm, an unfortunatly event happened on the table where i was sitting and i stopped playing. i think that i got accepted 4 vulns for the contest, and 2 more that were not really exploitable, but they gave me drinks ticket for that two ( maybe because, i was starting to interrupt them to much :) ). I think that's the reason why i fall sleep on the auditorium on the ssl talk .

Next time, i will drink everything after the contest, and not while playing :P . The contest where well organized, but, sometimes, i really thought i was bothering the ppl at TippingPoint stand, since, they looked busy, and didn't know who was in charge of the contest to ask things. Also, next time, would be nice to write the ap password and ip address of the zdi on the board :)

Besides thats, the only bad thing at the ekoparty was the weather... i am getting a cold....