Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ekoparty 2009 Halted...

Ekoparty is improving each year, and the quality of the talks were better than ever.
Congratz to the organizers and friends, and as always, the next Ekoparty will always be the "hardest" to organize, since its really difficult to get better than it's each year.

On the first day, i went to almost all the talks. Particularly i liked the turbo talk of Bitmask Abussing and Binary Diffing.

On the second day, i only assisted to the SSL talk, but i fall sleep :(. I spent most of the time participating on the TippingPoint DRINC contest, until 4 pm, an unfortunatly event happened on the table where i was sitting and i stopped playing. i think that i got accepted 4 vulns for the contest, and 2 more that were not really exploitable, but they gave me drinks ticket for that two ( maybe because, i was starting to interrupt them to much :) ). I think that's the reason why i fall sleep on the auditorium on the ssl talk .

Next time, i will drink everything after the contest, and not while playing :P . The contest where well organized, but, sometimes, i really thought i was bothering the ppl at TippingPoint stand, since, they looked busy, and didn't know who was in charge of the contest to ask things. Also, next time, would be nice to write the ap password and ip address of the zdi on the board :)

Besides thats, the only bad thing at the ekoparty was the weather... i am getting a cold....

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Pedram said...

You weren't a bother at all! We were happy to help and wanted to see people find all the bugs.

With regards to the AP credentials. We really didn't want random people jumping on the private network so we only gave them out to people who approached us with discoveries.

Thanks for playing and let us know if you have any further suggestions we have some ideas on how to make it smoother for the next time.